Our Services

We offer a full range of services for film producers and production companies interested in what India has to offer. Our range of services includes:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Pre Wedding Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Portfolios
  • Industrial & Commercial Photography
  • Wedding Cinematography
  • High Definition Videography
  • Corporate Films
  • Steadicam Multi
  • LCD / Plasmas

Wedding Videography/ Digital Photography -

Infuse lifeblood in all charged moments, crucial moments, decisive moments, defining moments, fateful moments & other most beautiful moments of your life with our high technique Digital Videography & Photography. We utilize latest technique & smartest technical experience to capture your instances. Wedding Videography is available with fantasy & effects mixing as per customer choice. We can provide any size & beautiful effects in Digital Pictures.

Documentary Films/Short Films -

We shoot Documentary Films & Short Films on contract or free lance basis. Our technical aptitude in picturing lively camera footages & fine detail of an object, scene or person has made us a master in directing Documentary & Short films.

Multi Camera Units/ Live Projectors/ Plasma Screens -

We provide Multi Camera Units with mobile van & technicians, for outdoor shooting schedules. We also offer/install Live Projectors & Plasma Screens at customer’s site for life size video presentations.

Commercial Photography/ Industrial Photography -

Our cameramen are expert in photography & videography of Commercial Products & Industrial Plants for marketing, advertising, educational or promotional purposes. We try to capture/improvise minute details of products & plants to leverage their images.

CDs/ DVDs Replications -

We offer services for CDs & DVDs Replication. We also provide change of tape formate into CD/ DVD format.